Jesse's OLD PAGES list. (Contact info is outdated, some info is outdated..):
Automatic Plant Watering System
Old Crystal Oven Disassembly
Salvaged H-Bridge information
Goat kid photos
Light following robot
Remote control racing mint tin
Some movie clips
Various photos of interesting things
Double slit experiment - show wavelength of light
Shows the neat pattern of laser light on some crystals
Home etched PCB related stuff
Some various photos of mostly a cat
Some photos of a crude home made spot welder
More photos: My chainsaw powered bicycle, my harmonica, me, and my home made oil furnace
My pen-plotter to XYZ milling machine conversion project
A while back I reviewed and compared some pocket projectors.
Overview of a few old projects
Some qbasic notes and programs
The creamation of Sam McGee, by Robert W. Service
Some photos of my old lab.
Some info on the saturation of transformers - mostly accurate
Some talk audio tapes converted to mp3
A nice photo of the family horse and my shadow. Sort of a self portrait.

Jim Seibert's stuff:
Some of Jim Seibert's (RIP) writings
NOTE on above items:
Everything is terribly outdated. My real current contact (as of 4-30-2011) is jesseg (at symbol) nikola (dawt symbol) see oh em.
Some of the information on transformers is inaccurate relating to phase shifting.

If you're wishing for the old page here, sorry, I think I deleted it accidentally.